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Bring the Milestones of Freedom to your school or organization!

Bring the Milestones of Freedom to your school or organization!

We will come to your school or organization and do the entire event. We have an exciting way for you to receive this presentation FREE!

Get ready for an emotional experience that will rock your school, thrill your heart and give you hope for the future of America! This is an interactive simulated experience that staff and participants love!
Participants are immigrants with the quest to become TRUE AMERICANS. Most people in America were born in America and don’t know what it is like to not have the freedoms and blessing we have. This event provides an opportunity for students to become “immigrants” on a quest to become TRUE AMERICANS. It is an opportunity to “re-dedicate” our citizenship in the principles that have made America great.
Volunteers and faculty become “Ellis Island Officials” who explain each Milestone of Freedom, ask students to make the necessary citizenship commitments, and administer the citizenship test.
We define a TRUE AMERICAN as someone who loves the principles America was founded upon and who will work to keep America free!
To recognize TRUE AMERICANS your school is turned into Ellis Island complete with an interactive assembly, passports, citizenship testing, citizenship commitments and much more! Those involved will sense a swell of patriotism as they go through the requirements to become TRUE AMERICANS.
Full Event: Before the day starts teachers are taken through an in-service training where they are given materials. Immigrants (students) come to an assembly and learn about Ellis Island and why America is nation that many people will risk almost anything to come to. Then students are taken through the Milestones of Freedom (staffed by parents who become Ellis Island Officials) where they make citizenship commitments in their passports. They also take their 10-question citizenship test, which must be passed with a score of 70%. Upon completion of all of the Milestones, immigrants return for the closing assembly where they take the mock Oath of Citizenship and get their citizenship certificates and TRUE AMERICAN stickers.
Assembly Only: Students come to the auditorium and experience a 45-minute presentation in an interactive and dramatic presentation. At the conclusion the students take the Oath of Citizenship. Teachers can obtain additional teaching aids to follow-through in the classroom.
The event can be left up in the evening for a presentation open to families and members of the community.

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