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The Bulletproof George Washington

The Bulletproof George Washington

The account of God's Divine protection of the young George Washington during the French and Indian War is one of America's most exciting stories. Specifically targeted by the Indians, 23-year-old Colonel Washington's life literally hung in the balance for several hours during a ferocious 1755 battle in which he was the only mounted officer not shot down off his horse. This dramatized audio version, ready by actor Dean Jones, will captivate you with the thrilling details of the battle and of God's miraculous intervention on Washington's behalf that allowed him to fulfill his destiny and become "The Father of his Country." You will be inspired by this lost chapter from American history!

Disney Legend Dean Jones is best known for his family films such as "The Love Bug" and "That Darn Car," and six of his ten Disney films are on Variety's all-time hit list. Jones and his wife Lory founded the Christian Rescue Committee to free those in other countries who are persecuted and facing death for their Christian faith.

This book was written by David Barton, the founder of Wall-Builders, an organization dedicated to presenting America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage.

Running Time: 95 minutes on two Compact Discs