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Teacher's Manual - Printed Version

Teacher's Manual - Printed Version

Cries of Freedom is set up as a six-act play.


Act 1 – Cries of Tyranny: Events leading up to and including the Declaration of Independence

Act 2 – Cries of War: The War for Independence

Act 3 – Cries of Anarchy: The Articles of Confederation time period

Act 4 – Cries of Reform: The Constitution

Act 5 – Cries of Protection: The Bill of Rights and Amendments

Act 6 – Cries of America: What it means to be an American

Art and Document History: Fascinating discovery of each document and artwork in the gallery



Your Cries of Freedom printed teacher’s manual is packed-full of teaching materials! Here is what you get:


ü      74 Complete Lesson Plans including:

41 Readers’ Theaters

6 Narrative Lessons

5 Video Lessons

7 Constitution Reading Lessons

7 Constitution Bowls

6 Art History Lessons

4 Document History Lessons

4 Interactive Experience Lessons


ü      38 Hours of Classroom Instruction

ü      75 Teaching Tips

ü      22 Readers’ Theaters Tips

ü      23 Assessment Strategies

ü      60 Review Quizzes

ü      145 Discussion Questions

ü      7 Writing Assignments

ü      3 Exams

ü      3 Writing Exams

ü      2 Venn Diagrams

ü      2 Time-lines

ü      47-Word Glossary

ü      41 Student Scripts