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Teacher's Manual - E-book version on CD

Teacher's Manual - E-book version on CD

Cries of Freedom is set up as a six-act play.


Act 1 – Cries of Tyranny: Events leading up to and including the Declaration of Independence

Act 2 – Cries of War: The War for Independence

Act 3 – Cries of Anarchy: The Articles of Confederation time period

Act 4 – Cries of Reform: The Constitution

Act 5 – Cries of Protection: The Bill of Rights and Amendments

Act 6 – Cries of America: What it means to be an American

Art and Document History: Fascinating discovery of each document and artwork in the gallery


The Cries of Freedom E-book includes the entire Teacher’s Edition, Student Edition and the Official Freedom Bowl Manual with navigational tools and links that will make your use of the book a easy and very useful.


The Cries of Freedom Teacher’s Edition E-book on CD is packed-full of teaching materials! Here is what you get:


ü      74 Complete Lesson Plans including:

41 Readers’ Theaters

6 Narrative Lessons

5 Video Lessons

7 Constitution Reading Lessons

7 Constitution Bowls

6 Art History Lessons

4 Document History Lessons

4 Interactive Experience Lessons


ü      38 Hours of Classroom Instruction

ü      75 Teaching Tips

ü      22 Readers’ Theaters Tips

ü      23 Assessment Strategies

ü      60 Review Quizzes

ü      145 Discussion Questions

ü      7 Writing Assignments

ü      3 Exams

ü      3 Writing Exams

ü      2 Venn Diagrams

ü      2 Time-lines

ü      47-Word Glossary

ü      41 Student Scripts


The Cries of Freedom Student Edition E-book on CD has all of the student scripts for the Readers' Theaters and Narrative Lessons that you can copy and use in the classroom or home.


The Cries of Freedom Official Freedom Bowl Manual E-book on CD includes all of the questions and answers, as well as the rules for competition and how to prepare. Also includes verbiage of the founding documents.