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A More Perfect Union DVD

A More Perfect Union DVD

America, 1786. Ten years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. England wages a new war of unfair trade and tariffs. Bickering and jealousy fracture the once united states.

But a handful of brilliant men, JAMES MADISON, GEORGE WASHINGTON, and BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, lead a political battle to create a new form of government, one that will establish the standard of self-government to the world.

A MORE PERFECT UNION: America Becomes A Nation is the first comprehensive recreation of those stirring, heated debates during the sweltering summer of 1787. Filmed on location at Independence Hall, Williamsburg, Virginia, and other historical sites, it dramatically chronicles how America became a nation and those underlying principles that guard our freedoms today.

Experience the passion, frustration and exhilaration in this gripping account of the Federal Convention of 1787. This educational version of the popular PBS docu-drama also includes commentary never before seen on TV.