How to Donate to our Non-Profit for FREE!

Dear Friend,

Our company is set up on as an approved charity. If you purchase through this web site then Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to our non-profit company. Don't worry, you have full access to everything has to offer at, just click here to go there now.

The IRS knows our company as US Constitution Educators Inc. so that is what you will see at Amazon but our dba is Roots of Freedom so just click here to go directly to our site. Then every time you log into and make a purchase, Amazon donates some of your purchase to us! It's easy and doesn't cost you anything!

We would very much appreciate your support. We do a free community event every year in Orem, Utah called Cries of Freedom and we provide free and discounted services and products to schools and other educational organizations. We are always trying to improve our products and services and this takes time and money!

I appreciate your patronage and support for the worthy cause of FREEDOM!


Scott P. Swain
President, Roots of Freedom